Did you know that 3SquaresVT food benefits can be used to buy seeds and plants to grow fruit and vegetables?

Use your 3SquaresVT benefit to grow your garden!

You can use your monthly benefit to start your garden by purchasing fruits and vegetables seeds and starter plants at any retailer or farmers’ market that accepts EBT cards. Growing some of your own food is an inexpensive way to put fresh food on your table all summer long.

Double your money by using 3SquaresVT benefit at the Farmers Market

The “Crop Cash” program allows Vermonters that are currently receiving 3SquaresVT to turn $10 of their 3SquaresVT benefit into $20 in food when they use their EBT card at the Farmers Market.  For every $1 spent on your EBT card at the market, you can get a free$1 token, up to $10 per day to spend at the market.  Look for the market managers table to get your token

If you need an application for 3SquaresVT or need assistance filling out an application, please call SEVCA’s main office at 722-4575 or 1-800-464-9951 and the receptionist will direct you to the Family Service Worker in your area.  You may also apply online at www.mybenefits.vt.gov

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