Patch Model

Patch Team Members

Parks Place uses the “Patch” model of community-based service delivery. A model originally developed in Britain to ensure ease of access to services on a neighborhood level.

The four key elements in the Patch concept are:

  1. A respectful, welcoming space.
  2. Community ownership and participation
  3. Co-location of services in an accessible location
  4. Collaboration, teamwork, and networking among providers and community members

Parks Place is a leader of the Vermont Patch Network and serves as a model for other Patch-based Community Resource Center in Vermont and around the region.

Currently there are 75 state, town, village, school, church, and social service agencies with representatives on the Patch Team. Their collective efforts enable participants to develop strategies to tackle complex issues together on behalf of clients and across the greater community.  Representatives have worked in concert over the years to secure major achievements on behalf of our most vulnerable and at-risk members of the community. These projects include: securing significant funding for the creation of a lead safe program, revamping a local summer lunch program to ensure its survival, and mobilizing human and financial resources to respond to Vermont’s recent natural disaster. The Patch team was also responsible for implementing the Ready for 21 initiative which was instrumental in positioning the village of Bellows Falls to become a Promise Community.

Patch team meetings are held at Parks Place on the third Thursday of every month from 9:30-11am.  All are welcome to attend.

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